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Pharmaceutical PVC Sheet Packaging


Pharmaceutical PVC Sheet Packaging

What is pharmaceutical pvc sheet packaging?

Pharmaceutical PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheet packaging is a commonly used packaging material in the pharmaceutical industry. PVC sheet is a lightweight, flexible and easy-to-handle plastic. It is widely used in packaging materials for pharmaceutical products. PVC sheet packaging offers several advantages for pharmaceutical packaging, including excellent barrier properties, good clarity and low cost. It also provides protection against moisture, oxygen and light, which all provide good protection for the preservation of pharmaceuticals.

PVC sheet packaging also has some potential disadvantages. It is difficult to recycle and may release harmful chemicals when incinerated. Additionally, PVC sheets are brittle and may crack or break under pressure, compromising the integrity of the package. PVC sheet packaging is a popular choice for pharmaceutical packaging, but manufacturers must carefully consider the potential environmental and safety implications of using this material. If you want to know more pharmaceutical PVC products, you can consult HWPFP.

Pharmaceutical PVC sheet packaging

Advantages of PVC as pharmaceutical packaging

(1) PVC products have good transparency, good surface gloss, bright color, less crystal points and bubbles.

(2) PVC medicinal products have the characteristics of strong impact resistance, chemical resistance and easy processing and molding;
(3) PVC has good vacuum formability, coolness, strong folding toughness, no whitening, good printing flatness, and resistance to bending;
(4) The PVC produced by HWPFP can withstand cold -20, passed the SGS test, and fully complies with ROSH standards, and is suitable for packaging that is exported to Europe and the United States with high quality and environmental protection requirements;

Pharmaceutical pvc packaging supply types

White Transparent PVC Packaging White transparent PVC packaging
Dark Blue Transparent PVC Sheet Dark blue transparent PVC sheet
Transparent Pharmaceutical PVC Packaging
Brown medicinal PVC packaging Brown medicinal PVC packaging
Light blue medicinal PVC packaging Light blue medicinal PVC packaging


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Pharmaceutical PVC Sheet Packaging


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