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High quality pharmaceutical packaging: PTP aluminum foil


High quality pharmaceutical packaging: PTP aluminum foil

Abstract: At present, blister packaging is becoming more and more common in the packaging of health food and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. PTP aluminum foil is the sealing material on the pharmaceutical PVC sheet.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging

Overview of PTP Aluminum Foil
Among many traditional industries, the packaging industry is known as “the never-ending sunrise industry”, of which the pharmaceutical packaging industry is the most important part of the packaging industry.

The pharmaceutical packaging industry refers to packaging materials and containers that directly contact medicines. The pharmaceutical packaging industry is an integral part of the production, distribution and use of pharmaceuticals. According to different materials, it can be subdivided into medicinal glass, metal packaging materials, medicinal gelatin products, rubber and plastics (containers, sheets, films).

Aluminum foil is one of the important metal packaging materials. Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is also called PTP aluminum foil. It has the characteristics of oxygen barrier, moisture-proof, shading, good sealing and anti-pollution.
Duralumin foil was used as covering material. It is convenient for consumers to take out the medicine after tearing off the aluminum foil, and can be heat-sealed with plastic substrates such as PVC board.

The complete structure of PTP aluminum foil consists of colored protective layer, printing layer, aluminum foil substrate and vc coating. What Haomei Aluminum provides you is aluminum foil substrate. PTP foil can be used for blister packaging of tablets, pills, powders, suppositories, capsules and snacks, candies.

Why is PTP aluminum blister foil so popular? It has good shading performance, moisture-proof performance, gas retention performance and taste retention performance. For customers, it is easy to open and carry in harsh climates and environments. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, it has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for high-speed automated packaging.

As a manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials, Huawei Aluminum provides you with 1060 aluminum foil packaging, 8011 aluminum foil packaging, 8021 aluminum foil packaging, 8079 aluminum foil packaging and other medicinal packaging foils, which ensure high heat sealing strength, no holes, and good sealing.

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