Medicinal foil packaging type and structure: Blister cover and child resistant blister foil

In the last article, we introduced the general types and packaging structures of cold forming foil packaging, and today we will introduce a child-resistant medicinal packaging foil.

We all know that the correct administration of medicines is crucial, and it is easy for children to mistake medicines for candy because of curiosity. After the drug is protected by aluminum foil packaging, this situation is well avoided. The aluminum foil packaging of medicines is easy to tear the surface packaging for adults, but it is difficult for children to tear the surface foil packaging, which can well prevent children from eating by mistake.

Children’s Blister Foil Construction

Structure 1 Aluminum Foil – Heat Seal Lacquer (from 20µ)
Structure 2 · Aluminum foil – polyester film – heat seal paint
Structure 3 Aluminum foil – polyester film – aluminum foil – heat seal paint
Structure 4 Paper-Mylar-Aluminum Foil-Heat Sealing Lacquer
Structure 5 Paper – Aluminium Foil – Heat Seal Paint
Structure 6 · Mylar-Aluminum Foil Heat Sealing Lacquer

Children’s Blister Foil Feature Of Product

· Push-on, peel-off, push-on, tear-off and child-resistant options
· Tailor-made solutions for new therapies, new processes and special applications
· Press-fit aluminum foil with a gauge of 15-30μm, hard or soft
· Peelable openings (softness 20 and 25 μm), laminated with PET or paper/PET
Heat sealable (press-fit and peelable foil) to PVC, PVdC, PP, PET and PE; direct seal possible
· Double-sided colored paint
· Several coat weights (2gsm to 8gsm)

Children’s Blister Foil Application range:

· Medicines for human and animal health
· Nutritious food

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