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How about PTP blister foil as pharmaceutical packaging?


How about PTP blister foil as pharmaceutical packaging?

PTP (Press Through Packaging) blister foil is a common type of pharmaceutical packaging that is used to protect and preserve medication. It consists of a layer of aluminum foil that is coated with a heat-sealable polymer on one side, and a print primer on the other side. The polymer layer is used to create a hermetic seal with the blister cavity, while the print primer allows for branding and printing of information such as dosage, expiry date, and lot number.

PTP blister foil provides several benefits for pharmaceutical packaging. It is impermeable to moisture, oxygen, and light, which helps to prevent the degradation of the medication. The foil is also tamper-evident, as any attempt to open the package will result in visible damage to the foil. In addition, the blister format provides individual unit-dose packaging, which can help to reduce the risk of medication errors and increase patient compliance.

However, PTP blister foil may not be suitable for all types of medication. Certain medications may react with the aluminum foil, and some formulations may require a different type of packaging to ensure stability and efficacy. It is important to consult with a packaging expert or pharmacist to determine the appropriate packaging for a specific medication.

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