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HWPFP(Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging )Overview


HWPFP(Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging )Overview

For drugs, the outer packaging is an indispensable thing. In order to ensure the medicinal properties of capsules and tablets, users cannot directly contact the drugs. Aluminum foil packaging is widely used as an outer packaging material for pharmaceuticals. One of the more common ones is the aluminum blister foil/PTP blister.

Pharma PTP Packaging

There are many excellent aluminum foil manufacturers in China, HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) is one of them. As a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in aluminum foil production and export, HWPFP has successively exported a large number of high-quality aluminum foil products to more than 40 countries around the world.

Material Aluminum foil Brand Name Parameters (can be customized)
Alloy 1000 series,3000series,5000 series,8000 series, Thickness 0.018~0.1mm
Temper O/H18 Width 200~1500mm
Place of Origin CHINA ID(inner diameter)mm 75/76.2/150/152.4
Certification ISO, SGS, Soncap, CCS Length OD:300~600MM OR 450~1200MM
Standard ASTM B209, GB/T , DIN EN485. Surface Mill Finish
MOQ 5 Metric Tons Transport Package: Wooden Pallet, Wooden Box

Blister foil surface is clean, smooth, no wrinkles, no indentation damage, no fluorescent sheet, no oil, no sparry, no black line, no pinhole, no yellow spot, no peeling, and other defects. It also has excellent technical performance. Aluminum alloys 1 and 3 series are very popular as raw materials for blister foils packaging. The thickness of blister foil is 0.02mm, and the finished product is composed of a protective layer, an ink printing layer, a base material, and an adhesive layer.

Foil blister packs pinhole detection

Thicknessmm The number of pinholes in any 1M2 Diameter of pinholes/mm
0.018~<0.020 ≤3 ≤0.3
0.020~0.100 0

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) has introduced a lot of sophisticated equipment and professional production personnel in the production of medicinal foil to ensure that every production process is accurate and every product exceeds the quality standard.

There are also many types of medicinal foils produced, including:
alu alu cold forming foil
tropical blister foil
pvc pvdc foil in pharma
ptp blister foil
aluminum strip foil

Pharma Pvc Packaging

Class 100000 clean workshop
We have a Class 100,000 Clean Standard Pharmaceutical
packaging material production workshop and its supporting high-standard warehouses,
laboratory and other construction facilities.

GMP standard production plant
The design of the production plant is carried out in accordance with the pharmaceutical production standards and fully meets the GMP standards. The workshop has a strict production system, regular maintenance, and cleaning system, and a special person is responsible for supervision.

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