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Ideal pharmaceutical packaging material


Ideal pharmaceutical packaging material

Ensure the stability of drug quality characteristics and ingredients

1) Drug packaging materials must be safe, non-toxic, and non-polluting;
2) Pharmaceutical packaging materials must have good physical, chemical and microbial stability.

Adapt to various requirements in circulation

1) It must have certain physical properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, and barrier properties;
2) It must also have certain mechanical properties such as tear resistance, pressure resistance, puncture resistance, and drop resistance.

Has a certain anti-counterfeiting function and aesthetics

1) Drug packaging materials should have certain anti-counterfeiting capabilities;
2) The beauty of packaging materials will promote the sales of medicines;
3) Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging materials need to have better printing and decoration.

Inexpensive, convenient for clinical use and environmentally friendly

1) Choose materials with wide sources of raw materials, low prices and good processing properties;
2) It is convenient for clinical use, so as to improve the work efficiency of medical staff;

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