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Is medicinal aluminum foil resistant to moisture?


Is medicinal aluminum foil resistant to moisture?

Pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil is usually designed to have some degree of moisture resistance. It is commonly used to package pharmaceuticals and medical devices to protect them from moisture, light, oxygen and other environmental factors that can reduce product quality, stability and efficacy.

Aluminum foil itself is naturally resistant to moisture, which is one of the reasons it is used in a variety of packaging applications. It forms a barrier that helps keep moisture and other pollutants out. In addition, pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil is often coated with a protective layer, such as heat-seal lacquer or laminate, to enhance its moisture resistance and provide an additional layer of protection.

The raw materials of aluminum foil packaging are usually PET/AL/PE, and the material thickness ratio is 12:7:40. At room temperature, the oxygen transmission rate can be guaranteed to be 0. Since oxygen cannot pass through, let alone water vapor, so It is also reasonable that medicinal aluminum foil has moisture resistance.

The exact level of moisture resistance may depend on the specific type of pharmaceutical foil, its construction, and any additional coatings or layers applied during manufacturing. While pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil provides a good moisture barrier, it may not be completely impermeable under all conditions. Extreme humidity conditions or prolonged exposure to moisture may affect its performance.

When using pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil for packaging, recommended storage guidelines must be followed and packaging handled properly to ensure the integrity of the product inside

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