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Is thinner or thicker medicinal aluminum foil better?


Is thinner or thicker medicinal aluminum foil better?

The choice of thinner and thicker pharmaceutical aluminum foil for blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry depends on several factors, each with its own advantages and considerations. The following factors need to be considered when deciding on the thickness of medicinal aluminum foil:

Barrier Properties: Thicker aluminum foil generally provides better barrier properties against moisture, light, oxygen and other environmental factors. This enhanced barrier helps improve the stability and shelf life of pharmaceutical products.

Flexibility: The thinner the foil, the more flexible it is and can better conform to the contours of the blister pack. This flexibility is important for efficient and reliable operation of blister packaging machines.

Cost: Thinner foils are generally less expensive than thicker foils, which affects overall production costs. However, cost considerations must be balanced against the required performance and protection of the drug product.

Printing and Branding: Thicker foil provides a better surface for printing information such as dosage instructions, expiration dates and branding. The printability of aluminum foil is an important consideration for compliance and communication.

Processability: Thinner foils are generally easier to handle and process in blister packaging machines. They may be more suitable for high-speed production lines.

In summary, the choice of thinner and thicker pharmaceutical foils involves trade-offs between barrier performance, flexibility, cost, printability, regulatory compliance and processability. The specific requirements of the pharmaceutical product must be carefully considered when selecting the appropriate foil thickness.

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