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Manufacturing Method Of Zero Pinhole Medicinal Packaging Aluminum Foil


Manufacturing Method Of Zero Pinhole Medicinal Packaging Aluminum Foil

Pharma Packaging aluminum foil development

Aluminum foil (also known as PTP aluminum foil) for drug packaging is one of the important ways of drug packaging, and its pinhole size and density will directly affect the medicinal properties and integrity of the final package of drugs. In recent years, the aluminum-plastic blister packaging of drugs has been rapidly developed and applied in the pharmaceutical packaging industry with many advantages such as beautiful appearance, good barrier, small volume, and ease to carry, and has become one of the most important packaging methods of drug tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms.

HW Pharam packaging foil

Effect of Aluminum foil pinhole on pharmaceutical packaging

General aluminum foil on the surface there are many fine needles, although it is difficult to observe the human eye if the inhibits PTP aluminum foil pinhole if just in the blister part, then drugs with external air will have direct contact, pharmaceutical packaging protective functions are all the loss of drugs, so as to bring to the producer and user of drugs must be health hazards, The downside is unacceptable to most drug manufacturers. For Pharma packaging foil, various countries have formulated corresponding production execution standards. According to GB/T3198-2003, the pinhole diameter of aluminum foil for standard medical packaging shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and shall not exceed 5 /m2.

Reduce the need for pharma packaging foil pinholes

The current pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging is implemented in accordance with relevant standards: ① pinholes with a diameter greater than 0.3mm are not allowed; ② The number of pinholes with a diameter of 0.1-0.3mm shall not exceed 1 (the number of pinholes less than 0.1mm is not specified). Only from the production process to control the details, the production can avoid the emergence of unqualified products. However, it is not difficult to get from the production process of PTP aluminum foil, and the pinhole defects of raw aluminum foil cannot be eliminated in the subsequent conventional production process. Because of this, the protection of medicinal properties and stability of drugs requires bubble cover aluminum foil packaging materials with zero pinhole degree.

Zero pinholes pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil production:

HW Pharma Packaging Foil product R&D Department improved the original production process according to the technical problems existing in PTP aluminum Foil layer used for bubble cover Packaging in the market and proposed a kind of PTP aluminum Foil with zero pinhole degree for medicinal Packaging, which overcame the technical problems of a single layer of aluminum Foil with pinhole degree and improved the use barrier of bubble cover Packaging.

HW pharma packaging foil

First change the aluminum foil packaging structure, from top to bottom are successively set with high-temperature resistance varnish coating (thickness of 0.5-0.8μm), the first aluminum foil barrier layer, an adhesive layer (thickness of 6-12μm), the second aluminum foil barrier layer (6-12μm) and sealing rubber layer (3-6μm).

HW Pharama Aluminum Foil
In this way, through the improvement of Pharma Packaging Foil structure, the double-layer aluminum Foil structure is adopted to improve the barrier performance of aluminum Foil, greatly reduce the pinhole, overcome the technical problem of the pinhole degree of single-layer aluminum Foil, and improve the use barrier of bubble cover Packaging.

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