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Performance advantages of aluminum foil blister printing


Performance advantages of aluminum foil blister printing

Aluminum blister foil is a packaging material used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for packaging capsules, tablets and other solid dosage forms. Printing on aluminum blister foil is essential for providing information, branding and regulatory details on the packaging. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when printing on aluminum blister foil:

1. Ink Compatibility: Aluminum foil is a non-porous material with a smooth surface, so special inks that can adhere well to the surface are required. UV-curable and solvent-based inks are commonly used for printing on aluminum foil due to their ability to bond effectively.

2. Surface preparation: The surface of the aluminum foil needs to be properly prepared before printing. This may involve treatments such as corona discharge, flame treatment or primers to enhance ink adhesion and ensure consistent print quality.

3. Printing technology: Common printing methods for aluminum-plastic foil include offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing. Offset and flexographic printing are popular for high-volume production, while digital printing offers flexibility for small-run and variable-data printing.

4. Design and Graphics: Due to the reflective properties of aluminum foil, designing artwork and graphics can be challenging. High contrast and bold colors are recommended to ensure readability and visibility of printed information.

5. Quality Control: Printing on aluminum blister foil requires strict quality control measures to ensure accurate printing and consistent results. Regular checks for ink adhesion, print alignment and legibility are critical.

6. Curing and drying: Proper curing or drying of printing inks is critical to prevent smudging, smearing or ink transfer during handling and shipping. UV curing is commonly used to dry UV curable inks quickly and efficiently.

7. Handling and Durability: Aluminum blister foils undergo various handling processes during packaging and distribution. Printed information should withstand these processes without fading or damage.

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