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Production Of Aluminium Foil For Pharma Packaging


Production Of Aluminium Foil For Pharma Packaging

Production Of Aluminium Foil For Pharma Packaging

The medicinal aluminum foil material is currently the most used material for pharmaceutical packaging. Most pharmaceutical factories choose to use blister aluminum foil, cold aluminum, tropical aluminum, and easy-to-tear aluminum to package drugs.

In daily life, the application of medicinal aluminum foil is now very extensive and mature. The main uses of medicinal foil are blister packaging of medicine capsules and tablets, and bag-like packaging of powder granules and liquids. Because of its direct contact with edible drugs, both the country and the pharmaceutical factory have very strict requirements on the appearance and performance of the medicinal foil.

Production of medicinal aluminum foil materials

There are two commonly used medicinal foil materials in the market, namely 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil. The thickness of 8011 alloys is generally below 0.05mm, and the thickness of 8021 alloys is above 0.05mm. The two medicinal foil materials are similar in material, but there are some differences in the production process.
Generally speaking, the main production process flow is: billet inspection-billet rolling-open middle sub-rolling-coil rolling-finished rolled product-slitting-furnace annealing-finished product packaging. After the successful production of medicinal foil, the surface of medicinal aluminum foil must be free of greasy dirt, no shiny crystals, no black lines, no pinholes, no maculas, no lotus leaf edges, etc.

In the production process of medicinal foil materials, the control of surface and performance is mainly in the following aspects:
1, control the quality from the source and strictly inspect the aluminum foil blanks;
2, during the rolling process, the surface quality is controlled by cleaning the rolls and controlling the roughness, selecting the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the rolling oil, and controlling the operating speed of the machine;
3, Once again, during the slitting process, ensure that the edges of the aluminum coil are neat during slitting, and there should be no quality problems such as lotus leaf edges;
4, Finally, in the annealing process, the annealing time and annealing temperature are controlled according to the performance requirements of the medicated foil to ensure clean degreasing.
With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, medicinal aluminum foil, with its excellent moisture resistance, barrier properties, drug resistance, chemical stability, hygienic properties, and application ratio continue to rise and is deeply loved by pharmaceutical factories and users. At the same time, with the increase in demand for medicinal foil products, the appearance and quality requirements of medicinal foil are getting higher and higher, and the market prospect is very broad.

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