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Production specifications of alu alu foil packaging


Production specifications of alu alu foil packaging

1. Alu alu foil packaging appearance
– Scratches, dents on nylon: not detected – Scratches, dents on PVC: not detected
2. Alu alu foil packaging properties
– High-performance cold forming
– Good resistance to low and high temperature – high resistance to light, moisture, oxygen
– Can be enhanced by flexo or gravure printing
3. Alu alu foil packaging reel size
1) Reel width: 60 ~800 mm, tolerance ± 0.5 mm2) Reel length: max. 2,050M
3) Core: I.D.76mm paper core or steel core
1.D.152mm steel core
4. Alu alu foil packaging storage
12 months at 15 ~ 30°C, below 70% RH
(OPA film is sensitive to moisture and should be moisture-proof)

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