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Quality inspection of medicinal aluminum foil protective layer:


Quality inspection of medicinal aluminum foil protective layer:

After printing the text pattern on the surface of the pharma aluminum foil, a protective layer is applied to prevent the ink layer on the surface from wearing and falling off; .

When inspecting the quality of the protective layer, a sample with a longitudinal dimension of 90 mm and a width of the full width of the finished roll shall be taken from the finished product, and the sample shall not be wrinkled. Put the sample on the glass plate with the protective layer facing upwards, take the polyester adhesive tape, press the surface of the sample with the axis of the film horizontally, press it with the thumb and stick it evenly, and then peel it off quickly in the direction of 160-180 degrees. , Check the surface of the aluminum foil protective layer, there should be no obvious protective layer and font fall off as qualified.

Test of heat resistance of medicinal aluminum foil protective layer: The instrument used is a surface thermometer of a lever type heat sealer. Take three 1Ooxl00 mm test pieces from the finished product for use. Test method: Set the temperature of heat-sealing conditions to 200 ℃, pressure of 0.2xlO 6 Pa, and time of 1S. Insert the stacked samples into the heat-sealing machine for heat-sealing. The three samples are also heat-sealed. After heat-sealing Take out the peel and observe the heat resistance of the protective layer. The protective layer shall be qualified if it is heat resistant to 200 ℃ without obvious sticking.

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