Medicinal blister aluminum foil adhesive layer and heat seal strength quality inspection

The function of applying the adhesive layer on the other side of the aluminum foil is to bond the aluminum foil to the rigid plastic sheet (PVC), so that the medicine is sealed. When applying the adhesive, the most uniform coating should be ensured, and the difference should be controlled within the standard range;

The detection method of the difference in the coating amount of aluminum foil is as follows: use a 1/10,000 analytical balance to apply 5 samples of 100 mm x 100 mm from the finished aluminum foil and weigh them separately. Then use ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone or other solvents to wipe off the adhesive and then weigh, the difference between the two weights is the coating amount of the adhesive, and the average value of the coating amount of the three pieces is calculated. The difference between the coating weight and the average value shall be less than ± 12.5% ​​to pass.

Testing of the heat-sealing strength and quality of the adhesive layer of the medicated aluminum foil: using a lever-type heat sealer, a standard test piece cutter, and an automatic recording tensile testing machine. Cut 2 pieces of 100 mm x 100 mm test pieces from the finished product, and cut 2 pieces of 100 mm x 100 mm test pieces of pharmaceutical PVC rigid sheets that conform to GB5663.

The set temperature of the heat sealing machine is 150-160 ℃, the pressure is 0.2x1O 6 Pa, and the time is 1S. During operation, superimpose the adhesive layer of the sample with the PVC sheet, insert it into the heat sealer for heat sealing, and use a standard cutter to cut into 15 mm wide samples, and take the middle three strips for use by the automatic tensile testing machine.

Test method: Adjust the tensile testing machine and make the pointer of the recorder zero, set the tensile speed to 200mm/min, clamp the PVC in the sample in the upper gripper of the testing machine, and clamp the aluminum foil layer of the sample in the tester. In the lower gripper of the machine, start the tensile testing machine and carry out the 180-degree direction peeling.
Leave. The automatic tensile machine will automatically record its value, and the data should take the average value of the curve drawn by the automatic recorder as the heat sealing strength value of the sample. Its value should be greater than 5.8N/15mm to be qualified.

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