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Soft And Hard Aluminum Blister Foil For Medicinal Use


Soft And Hard Aluminum Blister Foil For Medicinal Use

Soft And Hard Aluminum Blister Foil For Medicinal Use

Aluminum foil blister packaging in medicine packaging by the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers and users love has a good position in the market.

There are also many categories of aluminum foil, such as common soft aluminum foil and hard aluminum foil, both of which are used for press-in packaging covering foil. Generally choose to use hard aluminum foil, suitable for only a small amount of tensile force. This allows the user to break the package relatively quickly and remove the drug relatively easily.

aluminum foil blister packaging

On the other hand, if it is a soft aluminum foam package, it is necessary to apply a little more force to break the outer package, because the soft aluminum film has a higher tensile force. Therefore, it is because of this that blister packaging with a covering foil made of flexible aluminum is considered more suitable for children, who are most likely not to have the force to tear the flexible aluminum foil blister apart.

It is also thought that blister foils made from flexible aluminum are safer for children, an advantage that can be further enhanced by using aluminium with paper and/or PET laminates.

Aluminum foil blister packaging

General medical packaging aluminum foil will be printed and coated on the outer surface, usually, users can see the aluminum foil with printing on the outside. In fact, the interior sealed with heat sealing paint can also be printed. On the inside, there will be a double coating, which will be heat sealing primer and heat sealing paint. The primer is designed to ensure that the heat seal adheres firmly to and matches the aluminum foil. It can also be dyed, but this is only for promotional use. The primer is followed by a heat seal. To protect the drug from the colored pigments in the primer.

The rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry has brought more demand and more competition…

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