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Stamping forming process of cold formed aluminum foil


Stamping forming process of cold formed aluminum foil

The stamping process of cold forming aluminum foil is slightly different from the general cold forming process because aluminum foil is usually thin and soft. The following are the stamping process steps of cold formed aluminum foil:

Material preparation:

Choose the appropriate aluminum foil material. Usually these aluminum foils are required to have a certain degree of softness and formability. The thickness of the material usually ranges from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters.

Design mold:
Design punches and dies for the desired part shape. Since aluminum foil is thin, the design of the mold needs to consider the softness and deformation characteristics of the material.

Material cutting:
Cut the raw aluminum foil into appropriately sized pieces for subsequent stamping operations.

Clamping the workpiece:
Sandwich the foil pieces between the molds, making sure they are in the correct position.

Stamping operation:
Start the stamping machine and the punch applies appropriate pressure to gradually form the aluminum foil segments into the desired part shape. Because aluminum foil is thinner, it usually requires lower punching force and may require multiple punches to gradually shape it.

cool down:
Since the stamping process may heat and deform the aluminum foil, a cooling operation is required to mitigate the thermal impact of the material. This can be achieved through air cooling or liquid cooling.

Unload parts:
After stamping is completed, the formed foil parts are carefully unloaded and inspected to ensure their quality.

Post-processing operations such as cut edge removal, cleaning, painting or other surface treatments may be required as needed.

Inspection and Quality Control:
Perform quality inspections on molded parts to ensure that their size, shape and surface quality meet design requirements. Because aluminum foil is thinner and softer, it requires less punching force and less deformation during the stamping process. The stamping process of cold forming aluminum foil requires special attention to the design of the mold and the adjustment of stamping parameters to ensure that the quality and shape of the parts meet the requirements.

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