Why is aluminum foil used for packaging medicine?

The medicine board of the tablet is generally made of high-strength plastic and sealed with aluminum foil, so that the medicine inside can not be damp for a long time.

How is this done?
First of all, the manufacturer will make a steel plate mold according to the needs of the customer, and then process the plastic
In this way, a tablet with grooves is produced. After the tablet is automatically put in by the machine, the vacancies are filled by manual inspection. The reason why it has good sealing properties is that it is very important to cover the aluminum foil on it.

Aluminum foil, also known as tin foil, has a high molecular density, which can isolate air and light, and has good airtightness.
In addition, he also has good calendering, easier to produce and disassemble
When taking the medicine, the aluminum foil will break with a single button, which is very convenient.
Aluminum foil not only has these characteristics, but also because of its smooth surface, it is not easy to carry bacteria.
Thereby, the hygiene of the tablet is guaranteed to a certain extent.

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