Why is cold formed blister foil moisture-proof?

Cold aluminum is also known as cold forming foil and cold forming blister foil. This cold aluminum foil package is composed of nylon, aluminum and PVC. Cold forming foil requires cold stamping, so manufacturers must have high-precision stamping equipment to Ensure the quality of the cold-formed foil to avoid waste of raw materials, and the high-quality cold-formed foil can ensure the safe packaging of the tablet, and the tensile properties of the cold-formed foil should be strong enough to not tear easily. Dies for stamping cold-formed foils can be verified so that cold-formed foils of various shapes can be provided.

cold formed aluminum blister foil

In the cold aluminum cold forming process, the aluminum-based laminate film is simply pressed into the mold by means of a stamper. The foil will be stretched and hold the formed shape. These blister forms are called cold formed foil blisters. The main advantage of cold-formed foil blisters is that the use of aluminium provides an almost complete barrier to water and oxygen, thus extending the shelf life of the product. Cold forming foil blisters are slower to produce than thermoforming.

Cold forming foils can be used for heat sealing of blister foils. Cold-formed foils provide an excellent multi-layer configuration for highly hygroscopic or photosensitive drugs and generic drugs that are not suitable for packaging in barrier plastic films.

The configuration of cold forming foil is usually OPA(Nylon) film 25μ/adhesive/aluminum foil 45-60μ/adhesive/PVC 60μ.

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