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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cold Formed Aluminum Foil


Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cold Formed Aluminum Foil

Alu Alu foil and PTP blister aluminum foil are both pharmaceutical packaging materials, which are widely used in our daily life, especially in pharmacies, where drugs with aluminum foil layers can be seen everywhere. Although the scenarios used are the same, the nature and packaging of the drug object are quite different. This article highlights some relative advantages and disadvantages of cold aluminum.

Alu alu foil is also known as cold forming aluminum foil, is a kind of mold processing to make metal deformation molding manufacturing process. Compared with traditional processing methods, this process can be produced at a high speed and produces little processing waste.
This cold-formed aluminum foil product has its own unique product characteristics, but it also has some obvious shortcomings.

alu alu foil for pharma
Cold form aluminum foil advantages:
1. High utilization rate of raw materials — high production output
The special processing technology of cold forming can greatly ensure that the raw materials produce less waste. Compared with the processing of raw materials with the same geometry, the high material utilization rate of cold forging can significantly reduce the material waste (in principle, the way of cold forming can be
So that the weight of the material used equals the weight of the finished product)

2. Higher speed, more efficient production
Cold forging is way faster than other processes because the cold forming can be high-speed manufacturing (about 100 parts per minute), and the traditional processing way is about 4.5 parts per minute, cold forming faster than it more than twenty times, and under the conditions of high-speed production still keep the high precision and complex product geometry.

3. Product strength can be improved through work hardening
The cold-forming process is designed to take into account the fiber streamline (the crystal structure of the metal) to improve the metal properties of the original raw material products, resulting in stronger and more durable product parts.

4. Customized manufacturing process can reduce the production cost
The processing method of cold forming has improved a lot in speed and saved time cost; And in the production process produced little waste, save material costs. Depending on the customer’s production requirements such as size and thickness, if the cold forming process can be adopted, the unit component cost can be reduced.
Cold form aluminum foil disadvantages:
1. The product processing needs to make the molding mold according to the demand, and the initial cost and time are much.
2. Production is customized processing, specific parts set up and adjust the time required for production equipment, more suitable for mass production.
3. The precision of cold forming is not as high as that of machining.

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