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Alu Alu Blister Packaging For Best Medicinal Purpose


Alu Alu Blister Packaging For Best Medicinal Purpose

Alu Alu blister packaging overview

Alu Alu blister packaging is the most premium blister packaging choice — we estimate that the cost per pack is 50 percent more than the cost per pack for regular PVC-based blister packaging. On the other hand, users receive the finest possible protective barrier for their goods in exchange for paying a premium. Market information reveals that a considerable proportion of items packaged in an Alu Alu blister form do not require that level of impermeability; rather, packers and manufacturers are using Alu Alu as ‘belts and braces’ method to protect their products from contamination.

alu alu blister packaging

What is an Alu Alu blister, and how does it work?

It is possible to nearly completely remove water vapor permeability, as well as oxygen and light intrusion, on an Alu Alu and CFF (Cold-Formed Foil) blister pack since both the base and lidding are constructed from the aluminum-based film: OPA-ALU-PVC (nylon-ALU-PVC). These foil blister packs are created using a cold-forming technique, wherein the laminate is squeezed into a mold without the use of heat, and forming pins are used to create this same product cavity in the finished product. The package is then closed with a lidding material made of aluminum.

Why can a product require alu alu blister packaging?

In order to ensure efficacy and patient safety, it is critical that perhaps the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) holds steady inside the finished product until the climax of its shelf life. Thermal degradation, oxidation, ultraviolet light, microorganisms, and hydrolysis are all potential sources of instability. Manufacturing technologies that can safeguard the API include, for example, tabletting inert ingredients that will soak water & film coatings that will prevent moisture from accessing the core of the drug.

Blister pack for Alu Alu

Packaging vendors have also recognized the need for greater protection of extremely sensitive medications. Aluminum blisters provide a virtually full barrier against moisture, light, and air – elements that can cause drug stability to deteriorate, shelf life to be shortened, and drug administration to be inefficient.

An estimated 25 percent of pharmaceutical medications on the marketplace are sensitive to moisture and require the best possible humidity control to remain effective. Effervescent pills and high-value, high-potency pharmaceuticals are examples of products commonly packaged in alu alu blister foil specifications. However, instability determines the most efficient way to determine if a specific product needs that insulation value or not.

alu alu foil packaging

What other high-barrier alternatives are there?

The recent advent of high resistance polymers, including PCTFE (Aclar) and next generations PVDC, has assisted in bridging the gap between the conventional, low-cost option to convert materials and Alu Alu, which was previously unbridgeable. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the effectiveness of packs built from these structures from Alu Alu’s, which is now the best available technology. Films made from copolymer polyesters are also noteworthy (COCs). According to the research, these films have a water vapor barrier that is approximately ten times greater than PVC and much more than twice the same PVDC-coated PVC. However, this must be weighed against the material with poor oxygen barrier qualities.

Another benefit of these superior mechanical laminates is that, when compared to Alu Alu, they reduce the size of the blister card. This is because the capacity to develop the cavity at such a tighter angle results in smaller blister chambers and a more tightly nested blister.

Material, manufacturing process, and design considerations

As a result of the cold-forming process, the flexible protective layer is stretched (and thinned) in specific locations. The depth of a film, its bridge area (or footprint), and the draught angles at which it is generated all impact how thin it becomes. For cold-forming design, the drawing ratio is the percentage of final surface area (Af) to beginning cross-sectional area (As) of the cold-formed component (Ai).

  • Blister packaging is classified into two categories based on whether or not it comes into direct contact with the product. The first category is primary, and the second is secondary. The Blister comprises two components: the Forming foil and such Cold forming foil, both of which are utilized to shape & seal the product contained within the Blister when it is opened.
  • Our manufacturing facilities undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality. This starts with the raw material that serves as the foundation of Carcano: aluminium foil. Our vertically integrated procedure, which has been monitored and examined by the Quality Control Department since the arrival of the aluminium ingot, ensures that our Aluminum foil for blister packaging is completely traceable throughout the entire process.
  • Because pharmaceutical aluminium packaging is designed to work in sync with the product and the different ways it is used, it provides the highest possible functional and involves performing for the drugs contained within it.

Alu Alu blister packaging conclusion

A push-through closure constructed of aluminum foil is called lid film, sometimes known as blister film. Finally, the pills and tablets produce a hygienic and clean environment. A Blister Pack makes it convenient to transport and store.

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