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Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging


Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging

What’s alu alu bottom foil?

Alu alu bottom foil, also known as cold forming aluminum foil, is a multi-layer composite aluminum foil, which is most commonly used for the outer packaging of medicines and is mostly used as a blister primary packaging for solid medicines, such as capsules and tablets. The most common material is a three-layer laminate structure: OPA/Alu/PVC, with dry adhesive lamination technology for bonding between layers.

alu alu bottom foil

Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging

The main application products of Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging are 8000 series aluminum alloys, such as 8011, 8021, and 8079, which are used in capsules, tablets, and granules. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, people’s requirements for medicinal packaging aluminum foil are getting higher and higher, because the quality of aluminum foil is related to the medicinal properties of drugs, and also directly affects people’s health. The pharmaceutical aluminum foil should have good moisture resistance, barrier properties, chemical resistance, chemical stability, and hygiene. Appearance and quality requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the national standards for pharmaceutical packaging materials are becoming more and more strict.

Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging requirements

Alu alu bottom foil has strict production regulations on the pinhole density, adhesive strength, and protective layer adhesion of the aluminum foil layer as medicinal packaging. During the production process, the heavy metal content in the medicinal aluminum foil shall not exceed 0.25% of the product weight. Only in this case can the finished medicinal packaging material be non-toxic, tasteless, safe, and hygienic. It is for this reason that 8011 aluminum foil is often used as the bottom foil of medical aluminum foil.

Features of alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging

Good ductility, suitable for 00# to 3# capsules and small and dense tablet packaging.
Good adhesion, 3 layers of high bond strength.
Good sealing, no blisters, and pinholes.
Wider practicability, both low-speed and high-speed machines can be used.

8011 alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging

8011 is an aluminum foil product with good chemical properties among aluminum alloys, which is the most common in pharmaceutical packaging. The metal element content of 8011 is: silicon content 0.50-0.90, iron content 0.60-1.0, copper content 0.10, manganese content 0.20, magnesium content 0.05, chromium content 0.05, zinc content 0.10, titanium content 0.08, total other content 0.15, aluminum content remainder.

alu alu bottom foil

Alu alu bottom foil for pharma packaging advantages

Alu alu bottom foil, as one of the materials with the highest barrier properties, can be customized in different specifications according to the size and shape of the drugs to be packaged. Cold-formed aluminum foil is more cost-effective than some other pharmaceutical packaging materials.

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