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Aluminium Foil Packaging For Various Industries


Aluminium Foil Packaging For Various Industries

Aluminum foil packaging is a widely used packaging form, which not only preserves the integrity of items to the greatest extent but also brings convenience to people’s lives. With aluminum foil packaging, we can avoid direct contact with many items such as food and medicine. In our daily life, aluminum foil has many categories and is also used in all walks of life.
1. Strip aluminum foil packaging
This kind of aluminum foil is ordinary or printed laminated aluminum foil used for strip packaging.
Ribbon foils are manufactured in different gauges depending on the use, the most common being 25µm/30µm/40µm for pharmaceutical applications. One side is LDPE laminated, one side is printed, and the final aluminum foil can be produced in various sizes and specifications according to customer requirements.

2. Blister aluminum foil packaging
Blister foil packaging, like strip foil packaging, is also mostly used for pharmaceuticals. Because drugs are related to health, each drug needs to be isolated to avoid environmental pollution. Usually, blister aluminum foil packaging is a relatively hard aluminum foil, which is coated with heat-sealing paint on one side and unprinted or printed on the other side to facilitate the blister packaging of medicines. The most common foil thicknesses used in pharmaceutical blister packs are 20µ/25µ/30µ. Blister foil packaging is usually a three-layer structure, one of which is a heat-sealing layer, HSL is suitable for heat-sealing PVC/PVDC coated PVC films.

3. Cold-formed aluminum foil packaging
Cold-formed foil packaging is suitable for high-speed packaging applications in pharmaceuticals, and this foil packaging provides very strong UV, moisture, and gas barrier properties. Cold-formed aluminum foil packaging is great for medicines that are susceptible to humidity, and the individual medicine blister units below the alu alu foil packaging provide enough protection to remain intact even when other units in the package are opened and consumed.

4. Food aluminum foil packaging
In addition to being used for the packaging of medicines, aluminum foil can also be used as packaging for food. For example, it is used in beverages, cooking, confectionery, and dairy products.

5. Beverage lid aluminum foil packaging
In order to ensure the taste and freshness of some beverages, aluminum foil is also used as a packaging material, because aluminum foil itself is non-toxic and harmless, and aluminum foil is usually used for packaging such as yogurt, mineral water, dairy products, etc.

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