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Several Structures Of Aluminum Foil Packaging


Several Structures Of Aluminum Foil Packaging

Aluminum foil is a very good packaging material. It has a wide range of packaging applications. People choose aluminum foil as packaging supplies. First, the cost of aluminum foil is relatively cheap. Second, aluminum foil has good barrier properties and can well preserve medicine or food. . The good characteristics of aluminum foil are largely due to the special structure of aluminum foil. Different types of aluminum foils have different structures during production. This article uses several common aluminum foil packages to introduce different aluminum foil structures.


1. Tape packing aluminum general structure
· Aluminum foil – PE (above 25µ foil thickness)
· OPA-Aluminum Foil – PE
· Polyester film-aluminum foil-PE
· Paper foil-PE
· Aluminium foil – heat seal paint
The main applications of this structure are:
· Medicines for human and animal health
· Nutritious food
· Special drug delivery systems
· Biotechnology and Diagnostics

2. Common structure of blister cover and child-resistant blister foil
Aluminum foil – heat seal lacquer (from 20µ)
· Aluminium foil – polyester film – heat seal varnish
· Aluminum foil – polyester film – aluminum foil – heat seal paint
· Paper-Mylar-Aluminum Foil-Heat Sealing Lacquer
· Paper – Aluminium Foil – Heat Sealing Lacquer
· Polyester Film – Aluminum Foil Heat Sealing Lacquer
This structure has its own unique product characteristics
· Push-on, peel-off, push-on, tear-off, and child-resistant options
· Tailor-made solutions for new therapies, new processes, and special applications
· Peelable opening (softness 20 and 25 μm), laminated with PET or paper/PET
Heat sealable (press-fit and peelable foil) to PVC, PVdC, PP, PET, and PE; direct seal possible
Its general application scope is mainly:
· Medicines for human and animal health
· Nutritious food

3. General structure of cold-formed aluminum (Alu Alu Foil)
25-micron OPA (Nylon) film – 50-micron aluminum flexible foil – 60 micron PVC film
· OPA-Aluminum Foil – Heat Seal Paint
· OPA – Aluminium Foil – PVC
· OPA – Foil-PP
· OPA – Foil-PE
·PVC –OPA-Aluminum Foil-PVC
· PP-OPA-aluminum foil-PP
Alu Alu Foil has good moisture resistance, can prevent the intrusion of oxygen and other gases, and plays a good protective role.
Applications: Inhalants, Nutraceuticals, Tablets and Capsules, Transdermal Patches

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