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Application and specification of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry.


Application and specification of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry.

Application and specification of aluminum foil 

Pharmaceutical businesses have embraced blister packing as a packaging format to safeguard their products from external elements.

There are various options for extending the shelf life of capsules, tablets, pills, and other pharmaceuticals. PVC, PCTFE, PVDC, and thermoform blisters are for less sensitive drugs, or Alu-Alu cold form blisters for more sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

 Application of aluminum foil

Application of aluminum foil 

High-quality medicines require packaging that keeps them safe from outside influences, air, and moisture. In this manner, the components support the properties they are supposed to have when consumed.

In the pharmaceutical sector, blister packs are frequently used for pharmaceuticals. These are made up of a push-through Blister (or shorter “Blister”), a molded plastic containing chambers for the individual tablets, and an aluminium blister pack or lid film, a push-through closure composed of aluminum foil. Capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and preserved as a result.

Aluminum foil for blister packaging –

Placing the medicine in a blister or blister of a plastic molded plastic sheet, then thermally connecting the plastic sheet to aluminum foil that has been printed and coated with a protective agent and a binder, creates the blister pack foilAluminum foil for blister packaging can be printed on a single device at a time, coated with a protective agent, adhered to with an adhesive, and dried, making it suitable for mass production. The application of aluminum foil for blister packaging is also the most common application of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry.

application of aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil Specification for Blister Packaging –

Aluminum foil 8021 is a standard alloy.

Material condition: O



Blister packaging, for example, is a standard product.

PTP medicine application of aluminum foil 

It’s light-proof and water-resistant, and it’s simple to open or puncture. It is suitable for packaging medicines such as tablets, capsules, and pills and is convenient to take.

Aluminum foil for PTP medicine

It’s light-proof and water-resistant, and it’s simple to open or puncture. It is suitable for packaging medicines such as tablets, capsules, and pills and is convenient to take.

Aluminum foil for PTP medication specifications –

Aluminum foil 8011 is a standard alloy.

OH18 is the current state of the material.



Capsule covers, for example, are typical goods.

Tropical medicine aluminum foil

A thermoformed plastic blister and a cold-formed composite aluminum combine to make the tropical medicine aluminum foil. The blister package maintains the bubble size, and the area around the blister is slightly wider so that the cold-formed low blister composite film can seal with the thermoformed blister. This compensates for the traditional aluminum-non-blocking plastic’s poor water resistance and is gradually becoming mainstream packaging. Its innovative child protection tropical medicine foil packaging design allows adults to open the medicine packaging but not children, allowing regular use while also preventing youngsters from taking drugs. Its appearance has piqued the pharmaceutical industry’s interest.

Tropical medicine aluminum foil specifications

8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil is a standard alloy.

Material condition: O



Typical products include high-end pharmaceutical packaging and other similar items.

Aluminum Foil for Medicine Cover

The aluminum foil around the medication bottle’s top is a hot stamping material directly calendered into a sheet of metal aluminum. Because the desirable stamping result is similar to that of pure silver foil stamping, it is also known as a false silver foil. In addition, it has good moisture resistance, shading, high barrier properties, a net, uniform color, and no speckle. Furthermore, foil medicine is highly safe and hygienic.

Aluminum Foil for Medicine Cover Specifications –

  • Typical alloy: 8011 aluminum foil
  • Material status –H14 H16
  • thickness(mm):0.016-0.5
  • width(mm):100-1600

Oral liquid aluminum-plastic compound cover, infusion bottle aluminum-plastic compound cover, and so on is examples of typical items.

application of alumnum foil

Requirements of shelf life get tougher –

Many pharmaceutical businesses are currently grappling with extending product shelf life, increasing production efficiency, and reducing time to market. Packaging solutions must match these commercial objectives and improve patient quality while addressing pharmaceutical items’ particular requirements. Blister packs are a tried and true method of safeguarding pharmaceutical supplies, and they’re also a practical option for patients because they’re easy to carry and use on the go. However, additional product protection is required in severe circumstances, such as tropical climes or particularly moisture-sensitive products.

Due to its improved moisture protection, the new blister system has several advantages over the prior solution of pills in a glass bottle, as well as regular aluminum blister packs. First, it’s a better option than putting a desiccant wad or sachet to the six tablets in a glass container because it eliminates the patient’s risk of ingestion.

Application and specification of aluminum foil conclusion 

Many of the benefits inherent in the blister pack design are in line with the pharmaceutical industry’s current demands. As a result, blister packs are one of the fastest-growing packaging solutions in the market and will continue to be so. However, the blister pack market is still shaped by the pharmaceutical industry’s demands for safe and tamper-evident packaging. In response to more complex medications, the mix of generating web architectures is shifting towards more excellent barrier choices. In addition, with the shift toward compliance packs and regulatory requirements and the growing demand for child-resistant formats, top webs are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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