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Classification And Internal Structure Of Ptp Aluminum Foil


Classification And Internal Structure Of Ptp Aluminum Foil

PTP aluminum foil bubble cover packaging is a kind of pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging, but also a more widely used one. PTP can be classified differently according to different types, and can be divided into soft and hard aluminum foil from the material; From the use of anti-counterfeiting, the elderly, and children’s supplies.

These kinds of classification are more common, and there is a classification method in the form of use: it is divided into peeling aluminum foil, touchable aluminum foil, and peeling touch broken aluminum foil, etc. This design also hopes to be more user-friendly, and users can have a better experience when using it.

Although these names are different, the internal design structure is roughly similar, which is composed of a basic three-layer structure. The difference lies in the heat sealing strength of aluminum foil and substrate. The stripping type is weaker in heat sealing strength than the contact breaking type. In order to make the aluminum foil packaging easier to tear in the production process, in the production of the special use of soft aluminum foil made of composite materials. The general structure is paper, PET, AL, heat sealing layer; Or paper, AL, heat sealing layer. In the heat sealing strength, the heat sealing value of different strengths will be set according to the demand of the product.

Ptp Aluminum Foil

The peeled and easy to touch broken aluminum foil packaging is mainly used for the safety of children, but also easy to open for the elderly. The way to open it is very simple, by peeling the PET or paper /PET composite film on the aluminum foil first and then touching the aluminum foil to get drugs.

Regardless of that form, the protective layer, aluminum foil layer, and adhesive layer can not be missing, the fourth form is also the most basic structural form of PTP aluminum foil. And PTP bubble cover aluminum foil in production, we should pay attention to aluminum foil base material should comply with GB3198 provisions. Non-toxic ink is used for printing. The use of a color protective layer or heat sealing layer for color foil.

With the continuous development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the PTP packaging field has been vigorously developed. PTP aluminum foil also from the original double-sided blank or single-sided printing varieties, developed to double-sided color series, double-sided printing monochrome or multicolor overprint series and other dozens of varieties, the development of domestic foam base material has gradually formed a series. There is also more choice in drug packaging. In the future, the demand for Aluminum foil packaging will also increase around the world. Huawei Aluminum, as an established pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer in China, will continue to increase the quality of pharmaceutical Aluminum foil bubble packaging to meet the demand of the pharmaceutical market.

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