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Huawei Aluminum–Professional Supplier Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil


Huawei Aluminum–Professional Supplier Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil

The quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials has a direct impact on people’s health. Aluminum foil is the most commonly used pharmaceutical packaging material, and the important quality control link is some producers of the aluminum foil industry. Huawei Aluminum, founded in 2009, is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil, pharmaceutical double aluminum foil composite film, pharmaceutical cold stamping molding aluminum, easy to tear aluminum foil sealing film, aluminum foil gasket, aluminum foil composite film. The company has a modern standard workshop of more than 10,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees, the production environment is designed in strict accordance with GMP standards, with 100,000 levels of production clean workshop, with QS certification and GMP certification. Products sell well in the domestic market, export many and regions.

Henan Huawei Aluminum

At present, some large enterprise groups and intensive production in the industry are forming. By taking advantage of their advantages in capital, technology, brand, and popularity, the larger enterprise groups are continuing to grow bigger and stronger through capital export, low-cost expansion, restructuring, merger, and leasing. Huawei Aluminum takes the user as the goal to adopt the follow-up layout in the whole country to become the industry leader. We have been paying attention to technological progress, technological development, creating brand products with independent intellectual property rights, began to take the connotation of development mode.

In view of the current situation, the metal packaging industry maintains a relatively stable, healthy, and sustainable development momentum, basically maintaining an average annual growth rate of about 7%. However, there are still many problems that need to be improved in the aluminum foil packaging industry. First, there are too many small enterprises, most of which are technologically backward, the quality of employees is not high, the quality of products is low, and the consumption of resources is large. Second, the majority of enterprises in the industry are not strong in independent innovation, product development, technology research, and development level is not high; Third, there is a serious shortage of professional and technical personnel; Fourth, all kinds of information is not smooth. Huawei Aluminum has been improving its production level and technical means in various ways over the years.

Because the packaging of drugs is related to the health of users, can not be careless, the sensitivity of drugs to the environment, the drug packaging industry does not stop at brand publicity, but also for the rigorous test of packaging enterprises. Drug packaging sealing and high barrier function, often is the lowest line of defense for drug safety, to maintain the shelf life and drug characteristics, which is the most basic guarantee. Such packaging applications make the industry need continuous innovation and improved customer service, and Huawei Aluminum has been adhering to such a business philosophy.

easy-to-tear aluminum foil

In the aluminum foil packaging industry, we have our own unique advantages, such as price: manufacturers direct price, reduce middlemen to earn price difference; Quality: through SGS authoritative testing, to ensure stable and excellent quality; Material selection: strict screening of raw materials, each one is selected by a number of professionals, only for better; Customization: support model size customization, at the same time according to your product size customized appropriate bract; Delivery: fast delivery perfect transportation system; Customer service: professional e-commerce team, ready to answer your questions

With the obvious growth of the organized retail sector and e-commerce industry, as well as the overall growth of the Chinese economy, finally, the universal health insurance plan undoubtedly bodes well for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Huawei Aluminum will also continue its efforts.

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