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Common problems with aluminum strip foil


Common problems with aluminum strip foil

Strip aluminum foil comes in two models, one soft and the other hard. The two kinds of aluminum foil have different characteristics, soft strip aluminum foil has bubbles, while hard strip aluminum foil only has two layers of pressing plate. For soft strip aluminum foil, one side is cold-formed and the other side is aluminum foil. Strip aluminum foil is widely used in drug packaging, with foil packaging drugs, both sides of the drug is aluminum foil, this kind of lead foil has excellent sealing and resistance to moisture, steam or atmosphere, aluminum foil can completely prevent light through or odor entering. Each pill can be individually wrapped and protected with aluminum foil.
Because aluminum foil has excellent sealing and barrier properties, and high cost, it is often used to package expensive and unstable pharmaceutical properties.

aluminum blister foil pack

Aluminum strip foil composition:
Aluminum foil alloy: AA 1200 /AA 1235 /AA8011
Aluminum foil finish: matte/bright
Tempering (soft/hard) : soft bonding
Strength: 200g / 15mm (min)
Laminated surface: matte/bright
Sealing strength: 600g / 15mm.
Sealing cover: LDPE to LDPE (Poly to Poly)

Aluminum strip foil printing surface characteristics:
Color: 1-5
Ink adhesion test: no ink lift
Printing surface: matte/bright (non-LDPE)
Tolerance of repeat length: +/- 0.5 mm
Alignment tolerance: +/- 0.5 mm
Printing: according to design/artwork
Printing primer: Max. 0.25 GSM.
Others: wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance

Aluminum strip foil conventional size:
Reel width (unprinted) : 60-870 mm
Reel width (printed) : 60-750 mm
Width tolerance: +/-0.5 mm
Core material: aluminum/plastic
Core diameter: 76 mm
Drum diameter/drum outer diameter: 230-300 mm (standard)
Reel outer diameter tolerance: +/- 5 mm
Joint type: single butt/double butt/lap
Paper tape/plastic tape
Type of adhesive tape for connector: red, brown or black

Aluminum strip foil recommended operating conditions:
Temperature (ºC) : 150ºC
Residence time: 0.5 seconds (min)

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