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Henan Huawei Aluminum Co.,ltd supplies the pharmaceutical industrial with high quality flexible package material.Customized production according to your needs, free samples!

Aluminum Blister Foil -HWPFP

Aluminum Blister Foil

High-quality medicines need packaging in which they are safely protected from environmental influences, oxygen and moisture. It is only in this way that the ingredients retain their effects which they are to develop when ingested.

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PTP Blister Foil-HWPFP

PTP Blister Foil

PTP blister foil is the abbreviation of “Press through  Packing”, the name comes from the forming method of blister foil is “press forming”, PTP blister foil is a common pharma packaging material,used for pharmaceutical purposes in the blister packaging process, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

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Alu Alu Cold Forming Aluminum foil

Cold formed aluminum foil is at the heart of alu alu OPA/Al/PVC sandwich foils used for pharmaceutical blister pack applications because of their inherently superior advantages. Aluminum, even in micron thickness, is the best vapor and light barrier besides providing aesthetic shine for pharmaceutical blister packs.

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Aluminum Strip foil Easy Tear AL/PE

Suitable for primary pharmaceutical product packaging such as tablets. Also known as soft double aluminum, has good steam, oxygen, ultraviolet, and fragrance resistance properties.
Structure: (AL/PE) Thickness: 65/70 microns.

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Tropical blister foil

Typical Structure of tropical blister foil is two layers: OPA / AL / VC. Tropical blister foil consists of nylon, aluminum and adhesive, and in fact, tropical blister foil is a sheet of material combined of above three raw materials through laminating machine with certain temperature and pressure.

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Widely used in the blister packaging of pharmaceutical & food industries, excellent seal. It can be used under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and other properties are similar to PVD, such as good compatibility, ease to form and seal, and low price.

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8021 pharma foil packaging

8021 Pharmaceutical Foil Packaging Material

8021 aluminum foil belongs to the 8 series aluminum alloy.  It is a widely used pharmaceutical packaging material. It is heat-sealed with an aluminum foil blister for the packaging of capsules and tablets. 

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8011 pharma aluminum foil

8011 Pharma Aluminum Foil Packaging Raw Material

8011 medicinal aluminum blister foil belongs to 8000 series aluminum foil. After processing and cutting into appropriate thickness, it is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging. It has good barrier properties, anti-oxidation , and is a high-quality material for pharmaceutical packaging.

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pharma aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Packaging

As a deep-processed product of aluminum alloy, medicinal aluminum foil packaging is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants for surface packaging of drugs such as capsules and tablets.

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8079 pharma packaging aluminum foil

8079 Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Grade Packaging

8079 medicinal packaging aluminum foil belongs to 8000 aluminum foil, which has strong tensile properties and moisture resistance, and is widely used in the packaging of medicines, capsules and tablets

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