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Do you understand the role of medicinal aluminum foil


Do you understand the role of medicinal aluminum foil

With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, medicinal aluminum foil, as a kind of aluminum foil, is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to its moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent chemical stability, and because of the increasing proportion of applications , and in order to meet people’s needs, the appearance and quality requirements are getting higher and higher. In our daily life, most of the pharmaceutical packaging is processed with aluminum foil. It can be seen that the application of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is very extensive and mature, so , What are the applications of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, do you know all about it?

At present, there are two kinds of common medicinal foils on the market, mainly 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil. The application of aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging includes aluminum-plastic blister packaging (PTP), strip packaging, aluminum-plastic combined bottle caps, aluminum-plastic sealing gaskets, and double-aluminum packaging. Among them, aluminum-plastic blister packaging is its main application. With its own characteristics, it is widely used in the packaging of medicines at home and abroad. According to the data, 65% of the pharmaceutical packaging in my country has a low contribution rate to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of pharmaceuticals in developed countries, but only 10% in China.

Since the use of aluminum foil as a pharmaceutical packaging material in my country started late, the current packaging aluminum foil accounts for about 25% of pharmaceutical packaging materials, of which, aluminum-plastic blister packaging only accounts for 20% of the total pharmaceutical packaging, while developed countries have reached 80%. %. But this also shows from another perspective that by increasing the use ratio of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging will gain a relatively large potential development space.

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