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Unexpected Factors Affecting the Appearance of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials


Unexpected Factors Affecting the Appearance of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

Blister packaging is a very popular packaging method in recent years, because it can set off and beautify the product. However, the appearance of blister
What factors will be affected? It can be said that raw materials are a big factor.

When the blister sheet is made into the finished blister packaging product through thermoforming, the definition of details is interpreted as the wheel of the mould. The accuracy of the molding copy standard is a very small fillet radius. The surface of the mold is seen and the contact Surface structure (leather and wood grain). The details of clarity are determined by the following factors: Plastic sheet thickness Molding sheet reasonable temperature Vacuum forming force Injection molding Mold temperature Mold exhaust system Thickness direction Type LED elongation High impact polystyrene, polypropylene, polypropylene Ethanol, ABS, and PPE are molded products, and for clarity, good plastics. Some grades of PC, APET, and PVC can only obtain enough clarity under certain conditions.

Choose a higher process temperature and keep the details accurate. The only crystalline material, such as APET tablets, cardiac exercise test is an exception. If the material thickness is greater than 4mm, the blister sheet will be thinner after molding to obtain better definition of details, then we must have enough time to heat. If needed, you can reduce the intensity of the heat, with longer heat cycles. The greater the power of shape, the easier it is to be high-definition.

At high temperature, the larger the figure, it is difficult to obtain uniform wall thickness, the higher the temperature of the vacuum city type mold, the better the slippery degree of details. B success rate, chess equipment field is Shen Lei with low physical strength, with a 1 heart card of 5, this F) monthly oil sleeping atmosphere 9 open-exploration plate for OPS cannot use cold molds to better Product details. If the table is the surface of the structural parts of the project, the importance of making a well-made mold must be heated to the glass & the temperature of the mold is close to that of the material. A well-vented chisel can be defined with more detail.

When the air is packed into the plane of the mold or structure, the depth of the molded structure is very shallow and the surface is as smooth as possible. The larger the overall draft, the better for high definition. Vacuum forming and material or type will still remain flexible, and not fully predictable, according to the characteristics of the rubber sheet. In order to make the product better detail definition, increase the overall drawing, more molding force.

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