How is aluminum foil classified according to its surface state?

Aluminum foil can be divided into single-sided glossy aluminum foil and double-sided glossy aluminum foil according to the surface state. Aluminum foil rolling is divided into single rolling and double rolling.

(1) Single-sided smooth aluminum foil: only one side of each foil is in contact with the roll during double-rolling, the surface brightness of the side in contact with the roll and the side in contact with the aluminum foil are different, the surface in contact with the rolling is bright, and the aluminum foil is in contact with each other The side of the aluminum foil is dark, this kind of aluminum foil is called single-sided light aluminum foil. The thickness of single-sided glossy aluminum foil usually does not exceed 0.03mm, but at present, with the use requirements of users and the improvement of equipment capabilities of manufacturers, the thickness of single-sided glossy aluminum foil can already reach 0.05mm.

(2) Double-sided light aluminum foil: When the single sheet is rolled, the upper and lower surfaces of the aluminum foil are in contact with the roll, and both sides have bright metallic luster. This foil is called double-sided light aluminum foil. The minimum thickness of double-sided aluminum foil mainly depends on the diameter of the work roll, generally not less than 0.01mm.

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