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Design Forms Of Medical Blister Aluminum Foil: How Many Do You Know?


Design Forms Of Medical Blister Aluminum Foil: How Many Do You Know?

Design forms of medical blister aluminum foil: how many do you know?

Aluminum blister foil is a medical-grade aluminum foil used for medicine packaging. The main alloys of blister aluminum foil used are 8011 and 8021. Medical aluminum foil is widely used in the manufacture of aluminum foil and blister foil.

Generally speaking, the aluminum foil mentioned in people’s mouths is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of 99.0%-99.7%, which is made by rolling many times. This soft metal film is not only moisture-proof, air-tight, and light-shielding, but also has fragrance, The advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, such advantages are unmatched by any other existing packaging materials.

This is the practical side of aluminum foil in life. Its gorgeous side is reflected in its elegant silver-white luster. People can give full play to their imagination and print beautiful patterns and patterns with their own characteristics and colorful colors. It is precise because of the super practical and colorful, aluminum foil packaging is becoming more and more popular with people, and the market space is unlimited.

Most people know that the medical blister aluminum foil is still in the simple medicine packaging or the blister aluminum foil printed with the drug description, but what they don’t know is that with the technical means and the needs of life, the design of the blister aluminum foil is also late. Tricks.

In this issue, let’s take a look at the new and fresh side of blister aluminum foil.

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1. Double-sided aluminum foil for blister packaging with the same pattern

Double-sided aluminum foil for blister packaging with the same pattern

The use of high-precision metal foil printing technology on the aluminum foil can cope with the change of cyclic patterns. Colored or solid-colored patterns on the printing can not only explain the medicines but also increase the applicability of medical supplies to a certain extent.

2. Blister packaging aluminum foil for infrared detector

The combination of blister packaging aluminum foil using this ink and an infrared detector can detect foreign matter attached to the printing that cannot be found in conventional visual inspections.


  • Printed text and patterns disappear (not displayed) under infrared irradiation, and there is no need to cover up during pattern processing.
  • The products with black (including black-based opaque colors) and white-based opaque colors that are not easy to wipe off have been used. 
  • Theoretically, it can cope with all tones.

3. Double-sided aluminum blister packaging foil (THE MOCCORI)

THE MOCCORI is a new type of packaging that can be confirmed from the appearance of the existing double-sided aluminum blister packaging that cannot confirm the content.

Double-sided aluminum blister packaging foil



  • Possess the characteristics of double-sided aluminum blister pa

    packaging (barrier, light-shielding)

  • After sealing, the presence of tablets can be confirmed.
  • It can be made into a sheet with the same size as the original resin sheet blister pack.

4. Anti-counterfeiting blister packaging aluminum foil for medicines

Through microform printing or holographic printing, the packaged medicines are marked as genuine products.

Micro Characters Printing (Micro Characters Printing) Holographic Printing Blister Packaging Aluminum Foil

Anti-counterfeiting blister packaging aluminum foil for medicines

5. Readable barcode aluminum foil (easy to read code)

Aluminum foil that can read barcodes without white coloring. On the basis of the same quality as the original product, the degree of freedom of design is increased by reducing the whiteness.


  • There is no need for white-colored aluminum foil that can read barcodes.
  • The white-colored composition can reduce the sealing conditions (low temperature, low pressure)
  • The outermost heat-resistant resin layer (OP layer) is an existing material and will not affect mechanical properties and chemicals.

However, at present, medical aluminum foil has become a new type of medical packaging material widely used in the world, and it is also the most widely used scene of aluminum foil.

The content of this issue is written by HUAWEI AL  (Aluminum Foil Manufacturer), thank you for reading.

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