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Forming method of pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil


Forming method of pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil

As a commonly used pharmaceutical packaging material, aluminum foil is widely used in the market. From the initial processing of aluminum foil is how to become a small blister packaging? Perhaps many people do not know the way of aluminum foil forms, this article and we introduce several ways of aluminum foil forming. The following are common molding methods.

The first: aluminum foil blister vacuum forming
By setting appropriate process parameters, a vacuum is created under the sheet during molding to pull the plastic sheet towards the mold cavity until it forms the desired shape. In some manufacturing environments, the sheet is heated (called “draping”) before being drawn. Vacuum forming is actually a kind of aluminum foil blister hot forming method, but it is the simplest of all hot forming methods.

Second: aluminum foil blister pressure forming
This is similar to vacuum forming, in which air pressure pushes the plastic sheet along with the vacuum applied below the chamber. The pressurized way is easy to produce texture surface, bottom cut, and sharp corners on the finished product, which is not easy to produce in vacuum forming. Aluminum foil blister pressure forming is therefore suitable for products with complex designs.

Third: aluminum foil blister mechanical molding
This uses a combination of positive and negative tools to mechanically push the thermoplastic sheet into or around the cavity. It also provides better size and part thickness control than vacuum and pressure molding. But this approach is the most expensive.

Fourth: aluminum foil blister double plate forming
The process involves heating two plastic plates at the same time and using two die tools to shape each half of the part. Finally, the die tools are pressed together precisely on the edge to join the two halves. This method is suitable for aluminum foil piping.

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