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Four Characteristics Of Aluminum Blister Foil Packaging


Four Characteristics Of Aluminum Blister Foil Packaging

First of all, we need to understand what is aluminum blister foil packaging, which is a pre-formed packaging material composed of a thermoforming plastic cavity and a flexible lid, also known as PTP foam aluminum foil. The drugs are placed in deep pockets, or cavities, similar to blister hoods. A side cover with a flat area of the plastic chamber that encloses the product inside. Finally, a heat seal coating adhesive is used to bond layers to layers. Blistering is the most common use of packing pills, tablets, capsules and lozenges, and other medicines.

Common types of blister foils are
Aluminum blister foil
Aluminum cold forming alu alu foil
Aluminum strip foil
Medicine pvc pvdc
Tropical blister foil

medicinal aluminum foil packaging

Due to the lower cost of medicinal aluminum foil packaging, the raw materials are cheaper than other metals. In addition to the packaging of medicines, it is also widely used in the packaging of consumer goods such as food, electronic products, toys, tools, etc. And aluminum foil blister packaging has been widely used, so what are its outstanding characteristics? This article summarizes the four characteristics of medicinal aluminum foil packaging.

1. Individual packaging of medicines: Blister packs can be an inexpensive and convenient method for single-dose medicines. Individual packages help maintain the quality of the contents by being contained in individual cavities or blisters, and damage to any part of the packaging material will not affect other medications.

2. Maintain product integrity: The medicinal aluminum foil packaging has excellent barrier properties, forming a film and lid structure according to the product’s sensitivity to moisture, oxygen, and light. The opaque material of medicinal aluminum foil packaging can block light, which is friendly to protect the medicinal properties of the medicine and will not lose its activity due to ultraviolet radiation.

3. Anti-tampering: Once the blister pack is opened, it is difficult to return to its original state, with a tamper-proof mechanism, it is impossible to separate the lid from the blister card without causing visible damage. This can prevent drug packaging theft and tamper to a certain extent.

4. Friendly to the elderly and children: The blister and lid structure cannot be easily opened for the elderly and children if they do not follow the instructions. So this prevents children and even the elderly from accidentally taking the drug. It is undoubtedly a good medicinal packaging material for families with the elderly and children.

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