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How is the aluminum foil produced in the factory?


How is the aluminum foil produced in the factory?

How is the aluminum foil produced in the factory? There are many types of aluminum foil. Taking medical aluminum foil as an example, common aluminum foil can be divided into:
Alu Alu Foil(also named cold-formed foil)
Most of these types of aluminum foil are suitable for blister sealing with rigid PVC film, PVDC coating or cold formed foils (aluminum-based foils). There are some more special bubble cover foil with heat sealing paint suitable for any of the above sealing substrates, in what form ultimately depends on the specific production and use requirements of the user.

 aluminum foil

The formation of aluminum foil is also very simple. Taking the production process of Huawei Auminum as an example, the aluminum foil ingot is produced by rolling with a rolling machine. The aluminum foil rolling process is generally from rolling 200-300 micron thick aluminum foil raw material as the beginning, from thick to thin a process. In this process two types of mills are used to thin the foil from 200 microns. These milling machines are called roughing and finishing milling cutters. And according to the special thickness requirements of customers, some will require aluminum foil annealing in the annealing furnace, so that the temper from hard to soft. Cut down to 20 or 25 microns, molded hard aluminum foil, this thickness is mainly used in pharmaceutical blistering packaging.

In the production of aluminum foil, the alloy of basic billet and the type of rolling method used determine the metal properties of aluminum foil produced. The pharmaceutical aluminum foil is closely related to human health, and the supply of materials will be regulated by the pharmaceutical industry. All of our aluminum foil used for pharmaceutical packaging is produced in a qualified production environment and standard production process.

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