Quality Detection Of Alu Alu Foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging has entered our daily life for a long time, and now the pharmaceutical packaging materials used by major drugstores are mostly made of aluminum foil. Like cold formed aluminum foil, tropical foil, PTP foam cover aluminum foil, these are our more common types of aluminum foil. Some of these medical aluminum foils are opaque. How can aluminum foil-like Alu Alu foil be tested for its quality?
Quality detection of Alu Alu Foil
Although cold forming plate made of aluminum double blister packaging is unmatched by other forms of packaging cut off performance, but everything has two sides, alu alu foil also has a fatal problem, packing the finished product can’t see the drugs, because the alu alu foil packaging is opaque, do this is to prevent drug affected by light. Therefore, in this case, the conventional operation of the pharmaceutical factory is to strengthen the inspection of the drug packaging process. Some drug packaging plants will extend the packaging operation area, is to facilitate manual inspection.

But this form of inspection is very low efficiency, and because the drug packaging process is fast, manual inspection is not easy to find the problem, the human eye in the long-term working state, it is easy to appear visual fatigue, it is difficult to ensure that the drug packaging is 100% reliable.

In order to solve the problem of Alu Alu foil quality detection, Huawei Aluminum and some other packaging manufacturers upgraded and improved on the basis of the original detection. After the cold stamping of the double Aluminum bubble cover packaging equipment, a step was added in addition to the “pinhole detection” instrument. Install an electronic camera contrast system before PTP aluminum foil heat seal to eliminate broken, bad and missing pieces. There are also some manufacturers, in the packaging after the installation of a high-precision electronic weighing system, such a form also. At the same time, according to the production of the product requirements of the strict degree, the installation of different resolutions of the electronic camera system, to real-time detection of product quality problems, some electronic camera contrast system.

Through this form of detection, quality problems of Alu Alu foil packaging can be well monitored, and a lot of manpower can be saved to improve production efficiency.

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