Cold Formed Alu Alu Foil Medicinal Packaging FAQ

What is OPA in the alu alu foil layer?

Alu Alu foil is made of 3 layers. OPA is the top layer, professionally called ORIENTED POLYAMIDE (also known as nylon), followed by aluminum foil, and finally PVC film (standard three-layer structure: OPA/aluminum foil/PVC film).

Why is OPA used for alu alu foil production?

This material structure has the characteristics of multi-axis molding, which can fit well with other layers. OPA film has very high mechanical resistance to puncture and tear, which is also an important part to ensure good non-fracture molding characteristics, without any forming defects.

What is the thickness of OPA film in medicinal Alu Alu Foil?

OPA (nylon) film thickness is commonly 25 microns, this is the most common structure, depending on the standard, there may be other OPA film sizes.

What is the most common specification of alu alu foil blister packaging film?

There are a variety of aluminum foil structures, generally according to the barrier requirements of the production, filling cavity size requirements to produce, but the most commonly used structure is 25-micron OPA / 45-micron aluminum foil / 60 microns PVC film.

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