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Huawei Aluminum’s Cold-Formed Aluminum Foil


Huawei Aluminum’s Cold-Formed Aluminum Foil

One of the most common medicinal packaging materials is aluminum foil. Because drugs are related to the health of users, each country has strict production standards for the production of aluminum foil. As a long-established manufacturer of medical aluminum foil in China, Huawei Aluminum has been producing in strict accordance with standardized procedures for more than ten years and has continuously learned advanced aluminum industry technology. At the same time, as one of the earliest export manufacturers in the aluminum foil industry, it has been providing high-quality medicinal aluminum foil products to more than 30 foreign countries.

The sealing materials in the pharmaceutical industry need to be able to seal to the greatest extent to ensure the medicinal properties of the drugs. Huawei Aluminum has been in business for more than ten years and has tailor-made professional sealing films for many pharmaceutical companies. The blister aluminum we provide is produced by cold stamping technology (also known as hard double aluminum). This material is currently the best barrier performance of medicinal packaging rigid tablets, which can almost completely isolate water vapor, oxygen, ultraviolet light, Excellent preservation of drug properties. Each blister can be formed independently, the medicines will not affect each other, and they are completely isolated from water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays.cola forming aluminum

Cold forming aluminum foil is very suitable for packaging medicines that are sensitive to moisture, or medicines that need to be sold in hot and humid areas. At the same time, Huawei Aluminum has advanced production equipment, which can produce products according to customers’ customized needs. By changing the mold, it can easily design and manufacture beautiful and diverse shapes to meet the needs of customers in terms of promotion.
The cold-formed aluminum foil itself has a gorgeous silver-gray color. As a medicine packaging, it can increase the perspective of medicines and promote product sales. Nowadays, cold-stamped aluminum packaging has become synonymous with high-end medicines.

Huawei Aluminum has been exporting for more than ten years, and its technology for producing cold-stamped aluminum has been very mature. The produced product has no minor damage after being foamed, and all the test indicators are higher than the standard value (all quality inspection reports can be provided to the customer), so as to completely avoid the impact of minor damage that is not easy to be found by the naked eye in actual production. Cold stamping aluminum can further improve the barrier properties of the entire package and extend the shelf life of the contents.

In order to provide customers with the best services and products, when you ask us for a price, we will work out a plan within 48 hours and provide a 24-hour hotline service. At the same time, we have professionally skilled personnel and advanced production equipment. Complete materials can be tailored according to customer requirements, good at high standards, strict requirements, and difficult products.

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