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Is There Only One Layer Of Aluminum Foil For Medical Packaging?


Is There Only One Layer Of Aluminum Foil For Medical Packaging?

Common drug packaging we more or less will come into contact with, for example, common cold medicine packaging surface is a layer of aluminum foil for packaging, many people think this layer of aluminum foil is only a separate layer of aluminum foil film, in fact, although it looks very thin a layer of aluminum, but its structure is a variety of materials for composite.

aluminum foil pack structure

The structure of common pharmaceutical packaging materials is divided into: surface layer (printing layer), barrier layer (aluminum foil), inner layer (heat sealing layer) adhesive (VC) multi-layer structure. Each layer is made of different materials and serves a different purpose. The three layers are bonded together with an adhesive. And printing is also divided into inner printing and outer printing, inner printing is generally printed on the inner side of the barrier layer, outer printing can be printed on the inner side of the surface layer can also be printed on the outer side of the barrier layer.

These layers respectively have different functions and material characteristics, aluminum foil surface has excellent printing and decoration, strong heat resistance, wear resistance. When double or multi-layer complex, the surface layer can also play a barrier layer; This layer of commonly used materials are PET, BOPP, PT, paper, BOPA, etc., generally according to the different products to choose the appropriate material.

Intermediate barrier layer: the main is to play a barrier role, this layer of material to be able to prevent the penetration of internal and external gas or liquid, the protection of internal drugs. At the same time, it is also necessary to have good light avoidance to prevent some light avoidance drugs from being exposed to the sun. All barrier layers should be as close to the packaging as possible. This layer of commonly used materials are aluminum foil or aluminized film, BOPA, EVOH, PVDC, etc.

Inner layer: the inner layer will be in direct contact with the drug, this layer is not required to interact with the packaging to produce corrosion or penetration; The inner surface is smooth and can withstand heat or cold. Commonly used materials are PE, PP, EVA and so on.

Adhesive: Adhesive layer is used to make the bonding between layers tighter and stronger. It is usually composed of sticky material, curing agent, solvent, other additives (plasticizer, filler, defoaming agent).

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