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Low Temperature Medicinal Tropical Aluminum Foil Packaging


Low Temperature Medicinal Tropical Aluminum Foil Packaging

The use of tropical aluminum foil

As the main raw material of pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum foil has been widely used in the market after years of development and improvement. Tropical blister aluminum foil is a high-barrier drug packaging material. Many high-end drugs and health care products choose tropical aluminum foil as the outer packaging, which can prolong the storage time of drugs and protect the medicinal properties of drugs.

tropical aluminum foil

Tropical aluminum foil structure

Tropical aluminum foil is a multi-layer composite aluminum foil, which needs to be heat-sealed by heat-sealing glue. The contact area between the multiple layers and the tropical blister foil blister is narrow when heat-sealed by heat-sealing glue. Generally, traditional heat-sealing adhesives need to be heat-sealed when the temperature reaches 180-220 degrees Celsius, and the heat-sealing effect is not good when the environment is in a low-temperature state. The surface of the heat sealant is a flat surface. When it is bonded with the tropical blister foil, the bonding strength between the layers is low, and it is easy to delaminate, which is not very good in terms of sealing.

Tropical aluminum foil innovation

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil PAckaging) improves the structural defects of the above tropical blister foil, provides a simple structure, can be heat-sealed at low temperature, improves the heat-sealing effect, has high bonding strength, and improves the sealing effect. low temperature medicinal tropical aluminum foil packaging.

Low temperature medicinal tropical aluminum foil

It is improved on the basis of traditional tropical aluminum foil, including aluminum foil layer, PA layer, and heat-sealing adhesive layer. The improvement is that the PA layer is placed above the aluminum foil layer, the heat-sealing adhesive layer is placed under the aluminum foil layer, and between the aluminum foil layer and the PA layer. An adhesive layer is provided, the heat-sealing glue layer is water-based heat-sealing glue, and the lower surface of the heat-sealing glue layer is provided with a textured layer. This is the first step of structural adjustment. The second step is to add laser anti-counterfeiting to the original PA layer, and the adhesive is improved to a polyacrylate adhesive layer.

 tropical aluminum foil

Characteristics of low temperature medicinal tropical aluminum foil

The thickness of the tropical blister foil is 0.02mm-0.04mm, and the structure is simple. By using water-based heat sealant instead of traditional heat sealant, tropical blister foil can be heat-sealed with an aluminum-plastic blister under low-temperature conditions. Not only that, the reticulated layer added under the heat-sealing adhesive layer can enhance the bonding strength of the two, so as to achieve a good sealing effect.

The future of pharma foil packaging

With the advancement and improvement of the level of science and technology and production technology, some more advanced drugs have been put into use, more pharmaceutical packaging materials will be applied to the packaging of drugs, and the use of tropical foil materials will also be lower than in the past. increase. HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil PAckaging) will also continue to improve the production process according to the needs of the market and provide better pharmaceutical packaging for all parts of the world.

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