Medicinal foil packaging type and structure-cold forming packaging foil

In addition to being industrially produced as an industrial raw material, aluminum foil can also be used as a packaging material. For example, food packaging materials and pharmaceutical packaging materials have many packaging types. Today we mainly introduce the types and common structures of medicinal aluminum foil.

The first: cold forming packaging aluminum foil

Features: moisture-proof, good barrier performance, can well isolate the intrusion of oxygen and other gases.
Common cold-formed medicinal foil structures

Common cold-formed medicinal foil structures

Type1: 25 micron OPA (nylon) film – 50 micron aluminum flexible foil – 60 micron PVC film
Type2: OPA-Aluminum Foil – Heat Seal Paint
Type3: OPA – Aluminium Foil – PVC
Type4: OPA–Aluminum Foil-PP
Type5: OPA–Aluminum Foil-PE
Type6: PVC-OPA-Aluminum foil-PVC
Type7: PP-OPA-Aluminum foil-PP

Product features of cold forming packaging aluminum foil:

· Good impermeability layer: able to block moisture, light, oxygen and other gases
· Maximum fracture-free formability
· Long-term resistance to delamination, easy to use.
· Well protected to extend the shelf life of the product.
· Minimal cavity design reduces material usage.

Cold-formed blister packaging applications:

The most common outer packaging of capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs.

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