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Packaging tablets have become cheaper and stronger


Packaging tablets have become cheaper and stronger

Aluminium foil packaging tablets Introduction

The aluminium foil is the perfect solution for packaging medicines as it acts as a significant barrier from light, oxygen, moisture, and microorganisms.  For these reasons, aluminium foil makes it one of the best packaging materials in the pharmaceutical industry.  In addition, it offers protection to the susceptible and valuable medicines which otherwise can become useless for consumption.

Another great advantage of using aluminium foil packaging tablets is that it increases the shelf life of medicinal drugs.  Moreover, you can store it easily in any place. Furthermore, since it is flexible, you can transform it into any form like strips, tubes, pouches, and sachets.  Moreover, being transparent, both the customers and suppliers are satisfied as they can quickly locate it from outside.

aluminium foil packaging tablets

Why is it necessary to use aluminium foil for packaging medicines?

Aluminium foil is highly recommended for packaging medicines as it is durable and safe.    However, there is a lot of money every year as the drugs are spoilt. It is because the pharmaceutical industries do not use the appropriate packaging material. You must know that pharmaceutical companies are the most sensitive industries as they prepare life-saving drugs for us.  However, if the packing is not proper, there is always a chance of the medicines becoming useless for consumption as they get exposed to a toxic environment. Hence, the medication mostly gets destroyed while they are in transit. Moreover, when the tablets get exposed to moisture, the quality of the drugs does not become apt for consumption.  Therefore, it can also lead to horrible effects if consumed by the consumers.  Hence, it would help if you took care during the packaging of the tablets.

Standard Aluminium foils for pharmaceutical companies

Since the survival of the tablets is required, it saves enormous losses and protects the consumers from its harmful effects when they get exposed to our toxic environment. For these reasons, the pharmaceutical industries use standard types of aluminium foils. There are three types of aluminium foils.

Aluminium Blister foil

Aluminium foil for blister packaging is the most suitable solution for packing tablets. The standard structure of Aluminium Blister foil for the pharmaceutical industry are as follows:

  • Manufacturers use printed lidding foil as you can print up to 5 colors. You can also coat it with a varnish overcoat.
  • Some manufacturers also prefer printing on both sides of the aluminium foil as it attractive presentation of the medicines.
  • Usually, Aluminium foil printing is done by the suppliers in more than one color to match it according to the design.

aluminum blister foil

Packaging tablets blister foils are effective

The reason for choosing blister foils for packaging medicines is that it attracts customers.  Since the packaging of the drugs is transparent, consumers are satisfied as they can see the medication without opening the foil. Moreover, the consumers can also count the number of medicines at once.  Another great advantage of using blister foils for packaging tablets is that you can effectively print all the information, including the price of the medicine on it.

From the supplier’s point of view, blister foils are far more effective. It is because blister foils are cost-effective and readily available in the market. Moreover, it is the perfect material for packing medicines as it provides a barrier against water, light, and moisture.  Hence, the suppliers save the excess burden of mass loss as the use of aluminium foils saves them.

Are foil blister packaging tablets recyclable?

Technically, the aluminium blister foils contain a mixture of two or more products.  Hence, it becomes difficult to recycle them. However, in the present era, you can recycle aluminium foil.  With the help of a modern separation system, you can easily filter out the foil and recycle it again.  Hence, the manufacturers save a lot of extra expenses from the entire cost of packaging.

Benefits of using blister foils packaging tablets

Blister packs are the most popular packaging material for medicines, and hence it is widely used in pharmaceutical industries. Following are some of the benefits of using blister foils:

  • Blister packaging is cheap, and hence it is cost-effective. You can conveniently package the tablets. One of the most important features is that since there are separate pockets for individual tablets, it saves the entire medicine strip. If one medicine gets damaged, it does not affect the other drugs in the strip as it has separate pockets.
  • The packaging of the medicines is unique as you need to follow instructions for opening the foil. It is helpful as it will protect children from taking the medication accidentally.
  • Since the blister packs have a transparent covering, you can check the medicine outside and even count the number of drugs in a particular strip.

Aluminium foil packaging tablets conclusion

In short, if you want a packing material that is less expensive but highly durable, you must opt for blister foil.  It will save you from bearing the extra expenses and satisfy your customers.

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