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Tropical Blister Foil for Pharma packaging


Tropical Blister Foil for Pharma packaging

Tropical blister foil for pharma packaging description

There are many types of medicinal aluminum foil, and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers will adjust the production process according to the different packaging drugs to produce different types of medicinal aluminum foil packaging materials. One of the more commonly used aluminum foils for medicinal packaging is tropical blister foil. The typical structure of tropical blister foil is divided into three layers: OPA / AL / VC. These three raw materials are synthesized into a tropical blister foil by a laminator under a certain temperature and pressure.

tropical blister foil

Features of tropical blister foil for pharma packaging

✔High mechanical strength, good formability, high heat sealing strength, suitable for high-speed packaging machines.
✔100% block water vapor, gas, light, etc.
✔Excellent formability
✔High thermal stability
✔Can be sealed with PVC/ PVDC film

Tropical blister foil for pharma packaging specification

Structure:OPA 25-30 mic/ ALU 45-75 mic/ VC 3-8 gsm
Specification Width: 50mm-600mm (support customization)
Thickness: 70 – 110 mic (support customization)
Core ID: 76 mm (support customization)
·Roll OD: 200-280mm, also can be as your request.

Tropical blister foil uses

As a good-performance pharmaceutical packaging material, tropical blister foil can cover PVC blister packaging and is often used in the packaging of pharmaceuticals such as capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, and suppositories. Some medicines that are sensitive to light and humidity are also often packaged with tropical blister foil.

8011 aluminum blister foil

HWPFP tropical blister foil

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical aluminum foil. In the production of pharmaceutical packaging materials, we focus on mixing specially selected materials into a perfect manufacturing process to ensure that the aluminum foil packaging materials have no cracks and achieve The highest degree of sealing. It has long provided pharmaceutical manufacturers at home and abroad with impenetrable barriers, film flexibility, ease of use, and perfect packaging appearance.

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