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The Development Of Huawei Aluminum Cold-formed Aluminum foil


The Development Of Huawei Aluminum Cold-formed Aluminum foil

From the recent industry trend, cold forming aluminum industry in these two years in a rising trend, the overall market size has increased. From the feedback of the aluminum industry, the driving force of the cold forming aluminum industry mainly comes from the increase of consumer demand, which benefits from the rapid growth of NATIONAL GDP and the increase of consumption in the application of this product.

At the same time with the aluminum industry itself technical improvement and improvement, but also promote the cold forming aluminum foil forward development. Cold forming aluminum industry from a few years ago to now, people’s consumption concept and consumption characteristics are also very different from before. The improvement of production efficiency caused by industrial-technological upgrading is one factor but also benefited from the change of consumer demand.

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Technological progress has also saved a lot of costs for cold-formed aluminum products. In particular, cold forming aluminum foil, now more years ago on the production process has a very large reduction, which mainly benefits from the upgrading of technology and raw material prices continue to roll low. The cost of the cold forming aluminum industry mainly includes the depreciation of raw materials, labor, machinery, and equipment, the construction of sales channels, storage costs, and logistics costs of inventory, etc. In these proportion expenses, the proportion of raw material supply is not the most important cost.

With the rapid development of the aluminum industry, many suppliers of aluminum raw materials have emerged, but not all of them can stand firm in the market aluminum industry. With the update and expansion of industry demand, Huawei Aluminum has accumulated a large number of customers and rich experience in the Aluminum industry (cold-formed Aluminum foil).

Henan Huawei Aluminum co., ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, is an experienced manufacturer of Aluminum products, mainly producing 1,3,5,6,8 series of pure Aluminum and Aluminum alloy plate/strip/foil products, Aluminum powder, Aluminum ingot and so on. For a long time, we have always provided high quality and low price products, our company will actively participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad, products in addition to meeting the domestic market but also exported to the United States, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, and other countries.

As a company engaged in the aluminum industry for more than ten years, we always adhere to the quality assurance as to the basis, on the premise of good faith management, excellent service as the basis, win-win cooperation is our higher purpose. No matter when we pay close attention to product quality management. Gradually realize the integration of production, inspection, sales, and service, and constantly develop new products. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term, stable, and win-win cooperative partnership with friends from all walks of life for common development and progress!

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