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Processing Requirements For cold-formed Medicinal Aluminum Foil


Processing Requirements For cold-formed Medicinal Aluminum Foil

Alu alu foil is also called cold-formed blister foil. The cold-formed aluminum is not a single layer of aluminum foil, it is composed of nylon, aluminum, and PVC, and is a composite aluminum foil.

Alu Alu foil is cold stamped, which requires manufacturers to have high-precision stamping equipment. The processing requirements must be produced in strict accordance with the marked area. It has high aluminum foil processing requirements to ensure the quality of aluminum foil and avoid raw material waste. . In addition, the higher quality Alu aluminum foil can ensure that the tablets can be packaged more safely.

cold forming aluminum

Huawei Aluminum processing requirements for cold forming medical aluminum foil

1, The cold aluminum plate type is smooth and intact;
2, The surface of cold aluminum shall be careful and strict, without black oil spots, scratches, small black silk, bright line, roller imprint concave and convex points, mosquitoes, and other phenomena;
3, no surface holes, found must be abolished;
4, cutting quality, no burr, tower type, channeling layer, flounce, flanging, concave and convex points, and other phenomena;
5. Brush water shall reach a-level standards;
6, the packaging can be moistureproof, avoid oxidation.

Executable standards: national standard, American standard, European standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard, etc.

Cold forming aluminum foil has its own unique product advantages. Alu alu foil overcomes the shortcomings of conventional medicinal pvc hard sheets and pp hard sheets in terms of moisture barrier, air barrier, light protection, and thermal stability. It can be used as a medicinal packaging material that isolates various gases and moisture and effectively blocks light radiation. It is often used as blister packaging aluminum foil for high-end drugs. It can effectively extend the shelf life of drugs, even in extreme weather such as high temperatures. Or the chemical properties are still stable in a low-temperature environment.

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