The most common one is 8011 thermal composite blister cover aluminum foil

Hot Laminated Blister Foil is a combination of thermoformed plastic blisters and cold formed laminated foil; blister packs allow for consistent blister size and a slightly wider area around the blister to seal cold-formed tropics with thermoformed blisters Blister composite film, thus making up for the shortcomings of poor light opacity and water resistance. Traditional aluminum-plastic packaging and tropical blister foil are gradually being accepted by domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Tropical blister aluminum foil is composed of nylon, aluminum and adhesive, in fact, tropical blister aluminum foil is a material sheet made by combining the above three raw materials through special equipment under certain temperature and pressure, and tropical blister aluminum foil is designed to improve the product barrier properties. Traditional aluminum-plastic packaging. The tropical blister aluminum package can be formed only by adding the aluminum-plastic composite film cover on the back of the PVC blister.

Tropical blister foil is used to package high value pharmaceuticals, tropical blister foil is composed of aluminum foil, nylon and aluminum foil, tropical blister foil is used to cover PVC packaging to protect pharmaceuticals.

The product can prevent moisture, hinder oxygen, light, and can effectively prevent gas, other media components to maximize damage to the drug and can prolong its life, especially in tropical areas.

PVC is used for sealing. High mechanical strength, good formability, high heat sealing strength, suitable for high-speed packaging machines. Tropical Blisters is an innovative and improved method for packaging PVC blisters, sealing laminates to prevent PVC blisters from bringing tropical blisters. It has good barrier properties against vapour, oxygen and UV rays, is more economical than cold-formed foil, and has almost the same cost but superior performance compared to sachet packaging.

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