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What are the properties and uses of aluminum foil?


What are the properties and uses of aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil generally refers to rolled products with a thickness of less than 0.2mm and a rectangular cross-section. According to the production process, it can be divided into rolled foil and vacuum deposited foil; according to its use, it is mainly divided into industrial aluminum foil for packaging and aluminum foil for capacitors.

Aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light weight, airtightness and good cladding. Its main functional characteristics: it can be supplied in sheets or in rolls; it has strong corrosion resistance. There is a thin and dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum foil, which has a strong Excellent corrosion resistance, good compatibility with food, medicine and cosmetics, not only non-toxic, but also quite strong corrosion resistance to various liquid compounds; good forming performance, can be completely folded at will;
Non-hygroscopic, with strong waterproof and anti-infiltration ability of various liquids;
Strong hygienic performance, can be heat-treated in the production process to make sterile materials, smooth surface, easy to remove impurities and adsorbed moisture generated during the disinfection process;
Sterilizable, unaffected by heat and water during disinfection, but will leave harmless marks in some cases; non-toxic, will not react with most foods, drugs, cosmetics, chemical products and industrial products or generate harmful compounds;
Odorless, the surface will not absorb perceivable odors; good opacity, light will not pass through; stability, stable in many media under most environmental conditions, will not corrode; tightness Strong, can be bonded with a variety of films to form a composite material with strong airtightness; low magnetism, it is a good electromagnetic shielding material;
No sparking, aluminum foil is a preferred metal material that can be used in contact with volatile vinyl compounds; strong recyclability, most aluminum foil used for packaging is almost impossible to recycle, but such as air conditioning foil, semi-steel food Boxes, etc. have strong recyclability; no pollution to the environment, the aluminum foil mixed in the garbage will not produce substances harmful to the environment, and will not produce pollutants when incinerated [2

Due to the good functional characteristics of aluminum foil products, it has been widely used in many sectors of the national economy and people’s daily life. At present, it is mainly used in the three major fields of packaging, electromechanical and construction, among which the demand for packaging is the largest (cigarettes) , pharmaceuticals, food flexible packaging, disposable utensils), accounting for about 60%, followed by electrical use, accounting for about 30%, and aluminum foil for construction accounts for 10%.

With the continuous development of industrial production and science and technology, the production and use of aluminum foil are becoming more and more extensive.

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