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Features Of Aluminum Foil Blister Rough Rolling


Features Of Aluminum Foil Blister Rough Rolling

In the production of aluminum foil blister, aluminum foil rolling is divided into rough rolling, middle rolling, finishing rolling three rolling processes. The difference between the three can be roughly divided by the exit thickness of rolling. The exit thickness of rough rolling is generally considered to be greater than or equal to 0.05mm, the exit thickness of medium rolling is between 0.013 ~0.05, and then finish rolling is divided into a single sheet and double rolled products with exit thickness less than 0.013mm. Among them, the rolling characteristics of aluminum foil and aluminum strip are similar, mainly reflected in the rolling thickness, the control of the thickness in the rolling process mainly depends on the rolling force and tension, but in the characteristics and the rolling of aluminum plate is still very different, the roughing processing rate thickness is very small. Because of the particularity of aluminum foil blister, roughing has the following characteristics.

aluminum foil blister

(1) Precise control of aluminum foil rolling force. Aluminum strip rolling is generally to makes the aluminum strip thin mainly relying on rolling force. And aluminum foil rolling to finish rolling, because the thickness of the aluminum foil is very thin, the rolling need to increase the rolling force, so that the elastic deformation of the roll is easier than the plastic deformation of the rolled material. The elastic flattening of the roll can not be ignored, the rolling flattening of the roll determines the aluminum foil rolling, the rolling force has not played a role like rolling plate, aluminum foil rolling is generally rolled under constant pressure without roll gap rolling, the adjustment of aluminum foil thickness mainly depends on the adjusted tension and rolling speed.

(2) aluminum foil rolling. For the extremely thin aluminum foil thickness less than 0.012mm, because of the elastic flattening of the roll, it is very difficult to use the method of single sheet rolling, so the method of double rolling is used to roll. Double rolling means that by adding lubricating oil between two pieces of aluminum foil, and then together rolling method (also known as rolling). This way can not only roll out a single sheet rolling can not produce very thin aluminum foil, but also reduce the number of the broken belt, improving labor productivity.

(3) Aluminum foil packaging rolling speed effect. In the process of Aluminum foil blister rolling, the phenomenon that the thickness of foil becomes thinner with the rise of the rolling system is called the velocity effect. There are three possible reasons for this.
1) The friction state between the aluminum foil work roll and the rolling material changes with the increase of the rolling speed. As the friction coefficient decreases, the oil film thickens and the thickness of aluminum foil decreases.
2) The change of aluminum foil mill itself. With the increase of rolling speed, the roller neck will float in the bearing, so that the two rollers will move in the direction of close to each other.
3) Processing softening of aluminum foil material when it is deformed by rolling. The rolling speed of a high-speed aluminum foil mill is very high. With the increase of the rolling speed, the temperature of the rolling deformation zone increases. According to calculation, the metal temperature of the deformation zone can rise to 200C°, which is equivalent to an intermediate recovery annealing, thus causing the processing softening phenomenon of the rolling material.

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