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The Production Process Of Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil


The Production Process Of Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil

There are many types of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, such as alloy aluminum foil, aluminum blister foil, cold alu alu foil, aluminum strip foil, tropical blister foil, medicine pvc/pvdc etc. These medicinal aluminum foils are all made of aluminum or aluminum alloy raw materials. From raw materials to finished aluminum foils, many production processes are required. The process of each product will also be different, and what is the process of medicinal aluminum foil? Woolen cloth?

Aluminum Foil Blister

The initial production process of aluminum foil includes:
1. Casting: The raw materials are melted, and the melted aluminum liquid is cooled and cast into round cast rods of various specifications through a deep well casting system under a certain casting process.
2. Smelting: All kinds of matched alloys are added to the furnace for melting according to the requirements of the process. This process can effectively remove the gas and slag in the furnace.
3. Ingredients: According to the production requirements of different products, the alloy of suitable aluminum foil is produced, and the appropriate alloy content is matched.
4. Kneading and shaping: Kneading is a necessary method for forming aluminum alloy aluminum foil. According to the requirements of the profile section, the mold is planned and manufactured, and the round cast bar heated by the industrial aluminum extrusion machine is used to knead and form from the mold. In the process of kneading, the air-cooling quenching process and the artificial aging process are also required, so that heat treatment strengthening can be completed.
After the initial treatment, further processing of the aluminum foil is required
1. Surface treatment of aluminum foil: The surface of the profile needs to be cleaned by chemical or physical methods so that the profile can have a relatively dense and intact oxide film.

2. Anodizing of aluminum foil: Under certain conditions, the surface of the surface-treated profile will undergo anodization, and a dense, porous, and strong adsorption layer of aluminum oxide will be formed, which has good anti-oxidation properties. The corrosion effect can effectively block air and moisture.

3. Aluminum foil sealing: This process refers to closing the pores of the porous oxide film generated after anodization, which can enhance the anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance of the oxide film.

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